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As an institution that adheres to medical ethical rules, respects patient rights, cares about patient and employee safety, focuses on patient and employee satisfaction, follows scientific and technological developments with an outstanding expert staff, we provide continuous and high-quality health care.
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Evolving and growing technological and medical developments subsequent to the renewal of the healthcare industry, a preferred and qualified team with modern infrastructure, all patients and relatives to hospital employees and suppliers, trust expectations are met is to be the leading health care provider.


Developing our health services and devices with the responsibility required to be a pioneer in the sector, Not to compromise the rules of medical ethics and morality, To be able to reach our understanding of quality service to everyone with the relationships we have established with the Social Security Institution, To provide the most advanced, up-to-date and evidence-based diagnostic and treatment facilities, To inform the patient and his relatives fully and accurately, Basing our management understanding on respect, To ensure that our employees are participants in every issue, to adopt that they have the right to express their opinions and to obtain information, To provide the best diagnosis and treatment service for our patients during their illness, to ensure that the quality of life improves after the illness and to keep patient happiness above everything else.

Mission-Vision and Values