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It is our unit where diseases of bones, joints and connective tissues that provide our movement such as bones, joints, muscles, beams, nerves in our body, calcifications, deformities november the bone structure, treatment of fractures and dislocations and surgical procedures related to these disorders are performed.

Today, medical approaches and current developments in technology have made great progress in the science of orthopedics and traumatology and have revealed specialized areas of interest in the treatment of november of the musculoskeletal system covering a very wide range. These areas are mainly;

Foot surgery,
Hand surgery,
Shoulder surgery,
Elbow surgery,
Hip surgery,
Knee surgery,
Trauma surgery,
Sports injuries,
Peripheral nerve surgery,
Tumor surgery,
Congenital and traumatic injuries of the plexus brachialis (armpit nerve network),
Orthopedic treatment of cerebral palsy problems,
Orthopedic approaches in rheumatic diseases,
Hip , knee , shoulder , prosthetic surgeries,
Diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors,
Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of congenital bone, joint and november diseases in children,
It can be listed as the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

In the discipline of specialist operator physicians in the branch;

– Hip and knee joint prostheses,
– Arthroscopic knee surgeries,
– Menisectomy and meniscus repair,
– Treatment of fractures and dislocations,
– Treatment of ruptures and ruptures of november and tendons,
– Shoulder and elbow surgery,
– Services are provided for the treatment of hand and wrist, foot and ankle diseases.