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In the Eye Diseases and Health Clinic of the Private Trakya Hospital; In a routine eye examination related to the patient’s vision problem and related to his complaints, first of all, the external appearance, eyebrows, eyelids and the gaze position of the eyes are observed. With the help of a biomicroscope, eye diseases, diseases of the eyelid and lacrimal gland are diagnosed. Eye pressure measurement is performed with a tonometer. With the help of a computerized ORM (Autorefractometer) and a retinoscope, the patient’s refractive error is measured. Visual acuity of both eyes without glasses and with glasses is detected. Examination of the bottom of the eye can diagnose many diseases of the system, such as liver disease, diabetes, brain tumors, etc. Medical and surgical treatment of strabismus, visual defects, many diseases of the eyes and eyelids is being successfully applied.

Depending on the eye diseases in our Eye Clinic ;

– Examination of Eye Defects with an Autoceratorefractometer(Computerized ) and a Foropter
– Examination of the Anterior Part of the Eye with a Biomicroscope
– Measurement of Eye Pressure with Aplantation Tonometry
– Examination of the Bottom of the Eye with a Fundus Camera and fluorescein angiography
– Measurement of Previous Glasses Digital Phacometry
– Eye Pressure and secondary Cataract Treatment Yag Laser
– Treatment of Retinal Hemorrhages Laser Photocoagulation
– Elimination of High Eye Numbers with an Intraocular Lens Artisan-artiflex lenses
– Eyelid disorders and aesthetic surgeries
– Visual Field Test
– Cornea, Contact lens, Uvea
– Glaucoma Diagnosis, Control and Operations
– Cataract Surgeries
– Diagnosis, treatment and surgeries of strabismus, Eye laziness
– Operations for blockage of the Tear Duct with a Diode Laser
– Detachment surgery and Vitrectomy operations