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Our Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides an effective, reliable and high-quality service at world standards with the aim of protecting the health of our patients with its experienced expert staff, examining, examining, diagnosing and treating their existing diseases with modern technological devices. Our Nutrition and Diet Specialists serve all our inpatients and their clients in the polyclinic.

Some of our Services Applied in our Nutrition and Dietetics Department;
• Obesity (obesity),
* Diet therapy for diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver – kidney diseases, cancer and other diseases…),
• Childhood obesity,
• Child nutrition,
• Weakness,
• Gestational diabetes,
• Nutrition during pregnancy – lactation,
• Athlete nutrition,
* Detox programs,
• Vegetarian nutrition.

If you want to live a healthy life, you need to have enough information about proper and balanced nutrition at all times of your life. Our experts teach scientific ways to stay healthy and say that a healthy and high-quality life can be maintained when scientific and accurate information is reached.

Our Nutrition and Diet Specialists, who prepare a personalized nutrition plan, provide nutritional behavior change for people who come to teach healthy eating or with any health problems. For this purpose, in the first examination, he examines the eating habits of individuals in detail and makes body fat, visceral fat, weight and BMI measurements. In accordance with the blood findings, he also plans and regularly monitors his diet for a ‘personalized nutrition treatment’ that is protective and therapeutic for his health.

One of the most important tasks of our Nutrition and Diet Specialists is to conduct nutrition treatments for our patients who are our guests in our inpatient services. Nutrition planning of all our inpatients is carried out together with the first-degree clinically responsible physicians of our patients. During discharge, the diets of all our patients are prepared and nutritional recommendations are given.