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Routine examinations in the ENT polyclinic in the private Trakya Hospital are carried out in the form of endoscopic examination, microscopic examination. Laboratory examinations and all radiological examinations for diagnostic and examination purposes are carried out meticulously. Our hospital, which closely follows medical technology, is also at the service of our valued patients in Otolaryngology diseases with modern medical practices.

The main diseases and treatments that are examined and treated in the ENT unit are:
Surgery for Chronic Otitis, Diagnosis and Treatment of Dizziness Diagnosis and Treatment of Facial Paralysis
Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery (radiofrequency application / surgical applications)
Tonsillectomy Operation ( tonsil surgery) Tonsillectomy operation with Thermal Welding Adenoidectomy Operation (nasal flesh surgery) Ventilation Tube Application Frenulum Lingua ( tongue ligament) plastic
Correction of Bone and /or Cartilage Curvatures in the Nose(Septoplasty) Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Aesthetic Nasal Surgery(Rhinoplasty) Reduction of the Concha with Radiofrequency Application
Diagnosis – treatment and follow-up of Vocal cord masses Endoscopic Diagnosis of vocal disorders- Treatment and Follow-up
Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis-Treatment and Follow-up Allergy Skin Tests Diagnosis and Follow-up of Concha Hypertrophy by Nasal Endoscopy

In Our Operating Room;
Adenoidectomy (nasal flesh)
Tonsillectomy (tonsil)
Installing a ventilation tube in the ear,
Nosebleed interventions,nose fracture interventions,
Septoplasty (correction of curvature of the middle part of the nose)
Concha resection (removal of nasal flesh)
Polypectomy (removal of nasal polyps)
Sinusitis surgeries,
Micro-surgery of the larynx (larynx) (such as polyps and nodules in the voice, etc.)
Ear operations
Surgery of foreign bodies in the Ear, Nose, Throat
Head and neck masses operations can be performed