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Ozone Therapy ;

Ozone therapy, which has been preferred as an adjunct to routine methods of treating diseases in recent years, is applied using ozone, a triatomic and unstable form of oxygen. This treatment, also called oxygen therapy, can be an important part of the treatment process in many cases, from skin diseases to infectious diseases, in accordance with the recommendations of doctors.’’ 

Mesotherapy ;

Mesotherapy is the technique of applying vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes alone or usually in a mixture to the middle layer of the skin by microinjection. The substances to be injected are selected in accordance with the person and the wishes of the person.

In what cases is mesotherapy performed?

Mesotherapy can be applied in many different situations. The most common cases of mesotherapy can be listed as follows;

Skin aging and sagging
Stain treatment, sun spots
Cracks in the skin
Weight loss
Hair loss, hair treatment, baldness
Detention bruises and detention bags
Sports injuries
Vitiligo (lack of pigment in the skin)
Acute and chronic pains
Fibromyalgia(soft tissue rheumatism that makes a person feel like they haven’t slept at all when they get up in the morning despite getting enough sleep at night).