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Clinic obstetrics and Gynecology Obstetrics and gynecology related to intervene in any way, large or small surgical operation, inspection and treatment, follow up of pregnancy until birth mothers from the start of the week, our expert physicians are maintained by all as standard.

Some of the Services We Provide as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Our Hospital;
. According to the clinical condition of the expectant mother
– Normal birth,
– Delivery by cesarean section,
– Painless delivery with epidural anesthesia.
. Infections of the female genital tract,
. Menstrual irregularities,
. Urinary incontinence(Sling operations- Cystorectoceltomy, Burchkolposuspension),
. Ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, vaginal cysts, Bartolin cyst,
. Examination and treatment of benign tumors and cysts related to the female genital tract,
. Abdominal Surgeries (Laporoscopic ectopic pregnancy, Ovarian cyst and tumor operations),
. Treatment of incisions formed during childbirth,
. Malignant tumors related to the female genital tract,
. Infertility,
. Examination and treatment of cervical wounds,
. Uterine Surgeries (TAH-BSO, TAH, Myomectomy),
. Surgical and non-surgical treatment of uterine prolapse,
. Intrauterine and uterine canal pipelle or full curettage,
. Follow-up biopsy and diagnostic curettage,
. Therapeuticurettage,
. Congenital genital anomalies,
. Vaginal Hysterectomy,
. Laparoscopic and minimalaparatomy intubation,
. Assisted reproductive techniques, Follicultakibi with ultrasonography, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination),
. Human Papilloma Virus typing, HPV vaccine application,
. Sexually transmitted diseases,
. Complaints about menopause,
. Smears,
. Application of IUD,
. Family planning,
. Hysteroscopy (Treatment of irregular uterine bleeding with Closed technique without removal of the uterus in the new modern treatment),
. Endemetriol (Diagnosis and treatment of polyps by the hysteroscopic method.

Some examinations and treatments performed in our obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic related to Pregnancy and Childbirth ;

. Routine follow-ups and investigation of blood incompatibility before pregnancy,
. Ultrasonography, doppler ultrasonography, fetal echocardiography examinations during pregnancy,
. 4-dimensional obstetric USG,
. Diagnosis of an abnormal baby in the womb, sex determination, Amniocentesis – genetic studies,
. Pregnancy monitoring with fetal monitor, Nonstress testing,
. Prenatal mother training, prenatal exercises,
. Postpartum mother education program,
. All screening tests (Double test, Triple test, quadruple test),
. Fetal nape thickness measurement,
. Care of bathtubs for babies,

As soon as your newborn baby is born, the pediatrician will;
. Examination Of,
. Phenylketonuria screening,
. Hepatitis B vaccine
. Follow-up of high-risk pregnant women with the relevant specialist physicians,
. Sugar screening (loading) test,
. Measurement of cervical length,
. Routine Biochemical tests,
. Diabetes and hypertension research is carried out.