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The Harm of Smoking

Are you a cigarette addict who can’t start the day without smoking before breakfast in the morning, who endures all kinds of troubles to become smokeless at every opportunity, who loses himself enough to change his personality when he goes smoke-free? Then you have put your health, your future at risk. And you know it. Come on, let’s review how to approach step by step towards that final decision that will save your life. Let’s think about how to wean smoking not from our body, but from our life.

Smoking Causes Serious Harm
10.6% of people in Turkey die from smoking-related causes. 2-3 thousand a year die from terrorism, 6-7 thousand from traffic accidents, and 35 thousand a year (100 people a day ) die from smoking-related diseases. Some of the diseases that lead to death due to the use of cigarettes; chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, cardiac infarction, cerebral vascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases. Calculations conducted in research show thatthe normal life of a 30-year-old person who smokes 15 cigarettes a day is shortened by 5 years.

Is It Possible to Quit Smoking?
Research shows that 90% of smokers want to quit smoking, but they can’t do it. 70% of those who quit smoking start using it again in the first month. Less than a quarter of those who have quit smoking have achieved this in their first attempt. Most of those who quit smoking permanently have tried to quit 3-4 times and started again before achieving this. If you can’t quit smoking, you should get a doctor’s help.  

QUIT SMOKING!  Leave it now, not later!


The Harm of Smoking